degenerotika :: dgnrtk


Although inspired by many origins from the past, above all surrealism, dada and also numerous styles in fashion that pursued extravagant expressions, degenerotika is definitely an avant-garde fashion name. Through transformations, deviations and mutations of the old and with a distinguishable sense for future trends the degenerotika style could be described as a pandemonium of Androgeny, Decadence, Grotesque, Black aesthetic, High Contrasts, Asymmetry, Industry, which culminate in a fine tuned play of erotica and perfected concept of beauty on one side and a violent urge for breaking rules and established conventions on the other. Degenerotika demands of it's consumers to be rigorously individual, relentlessly attractive, with a strong and obstinate mentality. Degenerotika is violent, fatal and uncompromising.